Elliotte B. Fajardo - General Manager

Elliotte took the reigns of Avery Transport in early 2011, after many years of experience in the trucking industry. With the goal of transforming this company into an elite carrier, he has revamped the operations, brought in a brand new fleet of custom trucks and trailers, created a whole new image for Avery Transport, and made the Avery Transport brand something that is highly respected and sought after.     Elliotte is a die hard 49er's fan!

Chuck Enslin - Safety & Compliance Manager

Chuck began working for Avery Transport, as a truck driver, in February 2006. During his time as a driver - transporting campers, RV's, and an assortment of other vehicles – he began to realize better ways to load campers and RV’s and innovated new ways to secure loads. After 5 years of delivering units all over the US and Canada, Chuck took the position of Safety & Compliance Manager in the Avery Transport office. With his experience of using the equipment, Chuck helped design the all new fleet of custom trucks and trailers.

Erika Kazee - Fleet Manager

Erika got her start in the RV industry working at Lance Camper Mfg, working in the Parts and Service Department. In 2011, she brought that experience to Avery Transport and began working in the Avery office as a dispatch assistant. Over the years, she has worked her way up to Fleet Manager.
Erika oversees dispatching, vehicle maintenance, and accounts payable.

Julie Kellerman - Logistics Specialist

Julie joined Avery Transport in June 2017 and quickly fit in with the group. She handles most of the outside carrier loads.

Driver Highlight

Terrance "Tee" Benton - Lead Driver - Million Mile Award Recipient

Avery Transport Inc announced that one of the company's professional drivers, Terrance Benton, has earned the prestigious "Million Mile Award" and driver recognition from the National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC). Tee has been a driver with Avery Transport since 2006.